The man behind “The Voice of God”

By Rachel Podnar
Ball State University

It’s a difficult job, but somebody has to do it.

Someone has to keep the conference on task, introduce speakers and let the panels know when they have to wrap up.

Some call him “The Voice of God,” but he also goes by Andrew Oppmann, or @aoppmann on Twitter.

Oppmann is the two-time editor of APME News magazine and an adjunct professor of journalism at Middle Tennessee State University. He’s been playing this role at the conference for about 10 years.

Andrew Oppmann,
Andrew Oppmann, “The Voice of God” for the conference.

“I found myself working the AV table,” he said, on how it all got started. “They said, ‘Why don’t you basically introduce them to the back instead of walking all the way to the podium?’ I did it once and somebody said ‘Hey, you’re the Voice of God!’ It kind of stuck.”

He claims that while he has a face for radio, he’s never done any serious audio work. He worked in newspapers for 25 years.

Oppmann gets to go to all of the sessions when he’s doing the microphone, but he has to prepare for the next sessions, so he doesn’t get to go to many of the breakout sessions.

Morgan Freeman is his voice role model.

“He’s who I aspire to be someday as ‘The Voice of God,'” he said.


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